Think tank of South Eastern and Central Eropean art organizations

Think tank of South Eastern and Central Eropean art organizations

International meeting for interdisciplinary research in Art & STS of Central and Eastern Europe, initiated and produced by Interkultivator and NAPON, was launched to bring together artist and experts from the region to share experiences and knowledge about the current cultural scene in the region with a focus on hybridity in today’s art scene, what we called Art & Science, Technology & Society (STS).

During the two-day meeting we established a dynamic exchange of various know-how examples of good practice, talked about cultural policy and cultural management of Central Europe and the Balkans. The meeting provided an insight into artistic activities of the invited organizations. We learned more about art scene of our region in terms of synergy of art and technology and current artistic tendencies.

This allowed networking between international and local experts as well as young artists from the region. We formed a basic for future cooperation and networking of cultural workers in the currently active field of Art, Science, Technology & Society.

The long-term goal of this meeting is to establish a platform for future collaboration that will enable us an active flow of information regarding this specific theme. This platform is currently in beta version and is slowly being formed.

Invited participants:

CIANT – Prague

KONTEJNER – Bureau of contemporary art practice – Zagreb

Dorkbot – Sofia

Mlady Pes – Bratislava

Academy of Arts in Novi Sad – new media department

Interkultivator – Belgrade

Gallery Vinko Perčić – Subotica

The meeting was held thank to financial support of the Institute for Culture of Vojvodina, who participated as a partner.