Question of memory

Question of memory

Interkultivator is in it’s final research stage for the project Mapping of digital cultural heritage – Digital Arts at the turn of the 20th and 21st century. We are starting the preparations for our upcoming conference – Question of memory.

Upcoming conference “Question of Memory” deals with contemporary digital and post digital media art and culture. In recent years, questions of archives, memories, free access to knowledge, knowledge as a common good and the defense of the right to knowledge are becoming central themes in maintaining emancipatory projects.

In their letter to the international public regarding the support of Library Genesis and Sci-Hub platform, the group Custodians Online invited users to “share their writings, digitize books, upload documents. To take care of the databases, to worry about backups.” Aaron Schwartz wrote about how valuable it is for us to post our documents, files and materials online. The more islands of free knowledge there is, the commodification of knowledge and attempts to prevent free access to such knowledge becomes inefficient. A legal pressure on those who are most active and most visible becomes ineffective even in the cases of those who are punished as an example to others.

An example of the slow forgetfulness is also the new media practice, digital and post digital art that itself experiences an identity crisis. There is no consensus whether the media or digital art in general falls into to the corps of contemporary art, or is it a specific field within the broader context of contemporary art. Several projects that map and preserve immaterial art and practice had been initiated. To whom they address to? How do they communicate? The aim of the conference is to explore existing archives and platforms, motivation for their initiation and maintenance, as well as the conditions in which they operate.

Soon we will publish an open call for participation in our conference and publication. You can apply with texts that deal with this problems. They will be presented in the framework of the conference program – panel discussion Question of Memory.

The project is supported by the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications