Exercises in style:the Global intelligence files is a synthesized version of the children’s game Chinese whispers, continuously translating leaked content from a secret service agency, such as emails that refer to language and Google translate as a legitimate method for creating “intelligence”.

Transmitting is a two way channel is a web and electronic art intervention that allows users to broadcast whatever they type in their browsers via Google's text to speech service on public FM radio.


Intimacy is an interactive installation that, using a touch-sensor, registers a person’s heartbeat and translates it into light.

Interkultivator is in it’s final research stage for the project Mapping of digital cultural heritage – Digital Arts at the turn of the 20th and 21st century. We are starting the preparations for our upcoming conference – Question of memory.

The project Technology for beginhers aims to demystify the high threshold of female access to technology disciplines, usually considered as “male” domains by creating an informative online resource for women interested in technology.

As the Internet fast forwards into every aspect of life, and a growing number of people have access to it on an everyday basis, with the development of ICT, the importance of documenting and archiving diigital practices increases.

the work of art in the age of technological remediation

The project The work of art in the age of technological remediation resulted as an international exhibition which was showing in the Gallery Cultural center Pozega november/december 2015, on the topic of technological

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